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International TSP (Triple super phosphate))market

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Brazil Nitron is shipping approximately 11,000 tons of Mexican TSP for Itati's Fertipar and Fertigrow. And Argo B is expected to be delivered at the port on April 23. OCP will ship the 27,500 tons of TSP by ship Althea to Paranagua on April 30th.



The quotation is around €340/ton.


United Kingdom

The price of bagged TSP is £320/ton, but the demand for this product has actually evaporated this season, and buyers are likely to be able to successfully bid at lower prices.



With the tightening of environmental regulations after the explosion in Jiangsu Province, Yunnan's producers of TSP have been subject to more rigorous scrutiny, especially for smaller plants, thus reducing overall supply. More stringent environmental regulations have reduced the production of TSP in Yunnan, mainly to smaller producers. In addition, Yunnan Xiangfeng will undergo a one-month overhaul in April.


The result is tight supply, just as Iran requires 90,000 tons of TSP. Chinese traders are working hard to find enough sources of supply and check shipments from Fangchenggang to the Middle East Gulf in May. Full-scale TSP still shows more than $300/ton FOB.




The Agricultural Support Services Company (assc) proposed a quotation for the purchase of three shipments of 30,000-tonne TSP in a tender on April 13. It did not disclose the price, negotiations are underway. And Chinese suppliers are expected to dominate due to political and economic sanctions.



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