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International DAP and MAP prices continue to rise

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Prices of DAP and MAP continued to rise this week.

To the east of Suez, the price of Indian DAP rose to US$322-324/ton CFR, an increase of US$1-3/ton from last week. NFL purchased 90,000 tons of DAP at a price of $322-324/ton CFR. RCF cancelled the tender and issued an inquiry for 115,000 tons of DAP. Pakistan has recently completed two trade batches, with a trade volume of 75,000 tons, with a minimum price of US$320/ton. The price of DAP in China is firm, and the quotation of Southwestern enterprises rose to US$315/ton FOB. This week, Thailand made an inquiry of 6000 tons of diammonium at a price of 310 US dollars/ton fob.

In the west of Suez, the price of MAP remains strong, with the price of MAP in Brazil at US$340/ton CFR. The price of US DAP/MAP fell from the high end of last week to $310/short ton FOB Nora.

The prices of DAP and MAP are temporarily stable. However, if output and inventory rise too fast, there is no lack of a fall in the fourth quarter. Therefore, the operating rate of enterprises in the later period is a key factor.



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