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International DAP/MAP market shines at the beginning of the new year

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At the beginning of 2021, both the eastern and western phosphate markets of Suez experienced substantial increases, with market prices rising by as much as US$50/ton.

Pakistan purchased Chinese DAP at a price slightly higher than US$425/ton CFR, which was an increase from the price of US$370/ton CFR in early December. Due to shipments to Bangladesh and tenders in Southeast Asia, China's export prices have also increased.

The price of DAP in Northwestern Europe was US$440/ton FCA, an increase of nearly US$20/ton from December. Brazil purchases MAP from Morocco OCP at a price of US$420-430/ton CFR, which is higher than the price of US$405-410/ton CFR before Christmas. U.S. barge prices stabilized after rebounding, but DAP prices fell by US$4.50/short ton this week.

The phosphate market is still tight, and most of the global output flows is in the first quarter. Low inventories in India and Pakistan and counter-seasonal purchases in Brazil are not conducive to the balance of global supply and demand.

The rise in phosphate prices will continue throughout the first quarter.



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