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International DAP /MAP market prices keeps firm

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This week, the international DAP market activity is lower, but prices continued to rise.

Due to the tight domestic demand and supply in September, the price of DAP in China has risen from last week's 325-330 US dollars/ton FOB to 330 US dollars/ton FOB. The price of DAP in India has risen to more than US$340/ton CFR without a deal. It has not confirmed that Morocco has sold DAP to India at an offer price of US$340/ton CFR.

The price of European DAP has risen, and the current price in Ghent is as high as US$355-365/ton FCA. The offer of OCP DAP is US$330-335/ton FOB. French DAP is quoted at US$360-365/ton FCA.

The price of MAP in Brazil rose to US$345-350/ton CFR from US$340-345/ton CFR last week. Argentina has no demand for DAP/MAP, and the price is around US$340/ton CFR.

The prices of MAP and DAP will keeps firm till the end of September. The demand from Pakistan will support the price of DAP east of Suez, due to insufficient demand from Argentina, the price of MAP in Brazil are likely to fall in October.



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