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International DAP/MAP market

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This week, the market speculating US tariff ruling’s consequences, adjusting trade flows, making prepare for the first quarter. This ruling imposed import goods duties from Morocco’s OCP, Russia’s Phosagro and Eurochem Russia. Since the investigation began in July, market participants avoided shipping to US to avoid tariffs. US importers choose products carefully. Today, it added concerns in the United States, and pushed up Nola's price, which will attract world products. The trading company signed orders with Jordan and Egypt, and shipped them to the US in December, and checking goods from other places. 

 Meanwhile, Australia received new order of DAP, they will ship them to South Asia in December. East Africa Buyers purchased 80,000 tons of DAP from Saudi Arabia, and they will ship it in this month. China will ship phosphate to Chile with other goods in this month. Last weekend, Chinese companies sold two batches of DAP to Nepal.



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