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International Compound Fertilizer Market

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This week's focus turned to Africa. Malawi tendered 45,000 tons of 23-10-5 + 6S + 1Z. The Senegalese government allocated 150,000 tons of fertilizer to some suppliers, half of which was NPK. To ensure adequate supply to all regions, the Senegalese government usually allocates a certain amount of NPK to local suppliers , and then these local suppliers must purchase products.


Tanzania ’s TFRA bidding process is still in progress. It is expected that applicants will be approved by the end of this month, at which time they will be eligible to participate in the bidding from July to August. 22-6-12.


Demand in Africa is welcomed because demand in Europe is still small, and most buyers postpone transactions in anticipation of a possible price drop. Although the demand is week, Russian and Moroccan suppliers have kept their offer prices for Europe stable on a FOB basis, although falling freight rates and a stronger euro against the US dollar helped lower CFR prices this month.


In Asia, the market is waiting for the results of two bids with Fact company.In Latin America, the demand in west of Mexico is strong, but Brazilian buyers have stopped because they hope lower prices.



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