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Indian RCF company urea import tenders announced

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On March 21st, Indian RCF company bid for urea imports. A total of 11 suppliers were received with a total supply of about 1.7 million tons. The deadline for bidding is April 7.


Minimum CFR price (USD / ton): Amber East Coast 257.65; GreenField West Coast 251.9.


Estimated shipping cost from China to the east coast is USD 11 / ton. According to FOB USD 244 / ton, the exchange rate is 7.05 (estimated). Tianjin ’s ton package is 54.5 yuan / ton, Tianjin ’s arrival price is 1665 yuan / ton. If the manufacturer can achieve 1650 yuan It is more appropriate to arrive in Hong Kong per ton. It is estimated that the Shandong small package factory can be estimated to be more than 1600 yuan per ton. If the freight rate in Hebei is slightly higher than that in Shandong, it can be estimated that 1470 yuan per ton in Inner Mongolia can be achieved.



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