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India’s demand for compound fertilizers continues

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Indias demand continued to grow rapidly by the end of Thursday, , and the RCF issued a joint procurement tender of 50-60 thousand tons for 10-26-26 and 20-20-0 + 13 batches. RCF has been bidding for 10-26-26 since January, it was failed when it sought 60,000 tons. A bid of 46,000 tons in March this year also failed, too. But the market is interested in supplying 20-20-0 + 13. RCF received 4 quotations in a 50,000-ton bidding that ended on March 16. The NFL this week awarded its 20-20-0 + 13 25,000-ton bid to Agrifield, Agrifield submitted the lowest price among 9 offers, that the price is $ 271 / t. RCF's joint bidding requires at least 25,000 tons per product, it may reflect a change in strategy to obtain the necessary 10-26-26.

In Europe, the spread of disease have affected several markets, especially on land borders, although the government prioritizes fertilizers, however the shortages of truck drivers and long queues are delaying the delivery of goods. Countries including Poland and Austria have been affected more than countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy, which ship and receive the goods by sea way. but interference from these countries is expected to increase.

China is recovering

Domestic fertilizer production and logistics transportation are recovering, and the operating rate of compound fertilizers exceeds 40%. Spring plowing  is very common in this season.

Demand from Ukraine supports prices

Two 30-tonne "15-15-15" Greek cargo ships will arrive next week, and discussions will take place in mid-April to deliver 60,000 tonnes of 15-15-15 in Europe at the price of $ 290 / t cfr.




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