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India MMTC announced the tender of urea in May 7th

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May 7th India MMTC urea import bidding, June 15th, a total of 14 suppliers were received, with a total supply of 2.393 million tons


The lowest CFR price: USD 226.81 / ton for Dreymoor on the west coast and USD 231.90 / ton for Samsung on the east coast. The lowest price on the west coast is lower than the FOB 220 USD / ton in the Middle East, and Dreymoor has a bid of 210,000 tons.


Estimated shipping cost from China to the east coast is 8-10 US dollars / ton, according to the high value estimate of the east coast, FOB220 US dollars / ton is calculated, the exchange rate is 7.06, the port cahrge of jumbo bags is 55 yuan / ton, Tianjin arrival price is less than 1500 yuan / ton, It is estimated that the ex-factory price of small bags in Shandong may be around 1,450 yuan / ton. If the freight cost of Hebei is slightly higher than that of Shandong, Inner Mongolia urea price maybe around 1300 yuan / ton will be relatively low.



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