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India MMTC Urea Import Bidding Situation

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On July 17, India MMTC received a bid for a total of 2.057 million tons of bids from 15 suppliers. The lowest price on the east coast was 240.5 CFR USD/ton provided by Samsung, and the lowest price on the west coast was 242.5 CFR USD/ton provided by Midgulf.

Generally, the domestic FOB price is calculated according to the east coast, the freight is 11.5 US dollars / ton, and the intermediate costs are 2.5 US dollars / ton, then the Chinese FOB is 226.5 US dollars / ton. The exchange rate is 6.98, Tianjin Port, considering the supply of Inner Mongolia and Shandong, excluding port freight, etc., approximately equal to 1,330 yuan/ton in Inner Mongolia and 1,450 yuan/ton in Shandong. At present, the transaction in Shandong is between 1550-1600 yuan/ton and Inner Mongolia is basically 1380-1400 yuan/ton.

The last round of domestic environment was summer fertilizer and overhaul. This round was overhauled and the shipping schedule was tight. The export volume will probably be more than the previous round, which will test the delivery capacity of the benchmarking manufacturers.



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