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FOB prices of Chinese compound fertilizers stiffened

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Recently, the price of raw materials has been rising, the low operating rate has led to the FOB price rising by 10-15 usd/ton. The price of 16-20-013S now mainly in the range of 210-230 US dollars / ton FOB, with premium products quoted as high as FOB 260 USD/ ton . These latest price makes Thailand raise the CFR price of 16-20-0 + 13S to $ 240-250/ton. The overall demand for Chinese products remains low, buyers from Southeast Asia have enquiries recently, the Philippines also has increased demand for 16-20-0 and 14-14-14.

Indias NPK / NPS demand remains strong, with two new comparative tenders announced this week. RCF is seeking 46,000 tons of 10-26-26 and 50,000 tons of 20-20-0 + 13S. The two separate bidding deadlines are 9th, March and 10th, March, respectively. However, there is no sales in India of 10-26-26 recently. The price of Russian products at this level has increased to FOB US $ 290-295 / tonne, which drives up India's CFR price to US $ 325-330 nominally .


OCP and Phosagro complete maintenance

OCP will increase NPS / NPKs output to 850,000 tons in March, and Phosagro will increase its exports by 10-15% after maintenance. But export values may remain limited, as OCP still holds orders in Africa, and most of Phosagro's output is shifting to the Russians market.



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