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Compound fertilizer: the Indian market is still the focus of Asia

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With the advent of new tenders and deals, India remains the most active market in Asia. India's NFL re-released the NPS tender after canceling the NPS tender on March 25. The tender was originally intended to replace the tender on March 6. The latest tender indicates that the NFL requires an increase of 1 to 50,000 tons of 20-20-0+13S compound fertilizer. At the same time, the GSFC received a quote of 50,000 tons of 20-20-0+13 tons from Agrifield on March 25. In addition, Midgulf also sold 20,000 tons of 12-32-16 high-phosphorus compound fertilizer to Chambal at a CIF price of $367/ton.


In Southeast Asia, Acron sold at least 30,000 tons of 15-15-15/16 -16-16 compound fertilizer to Southeast Asia at a CFR price of 370-380/t. And China sold 20,000 tons of 16-20-0 compound fertilizer to the Philippines at a low price as FOB $230/ton. 


In Africa, all eyes will be on Kenya in the coming week, and market participants are anxiously awaiting the news of the lowest offer of 26-5-5 tendered by the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA). All financial proposals must be submitted by the end of this week.


Market driver


1. Southeast Asia's demand will increase in April

More purchases are expected after the Songkran Festival in Thailand, and the dry weather in Vietnam is expected to delay the main purchase season by one month to April.


2. Europe and Ukraine end in spring

The purchase of spring fertilizer is coming to an end. Therefore, the potential for price increases will be limited.


30-60 days expected

The continued weakness in raw materials such as monoammonium phosphate has reduced the recent upside potential of NPKs, although there is still a small demand.



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