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Compound fertilizer: tenders issued by Malawi and Zambia

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Two new tenders have been issued in Africa. In Zambia, the One Acre Fund is seeking bids for 1,796 tons of 10-20-10+6.5S (Compound D), and the fund's bid is scheduled to end on July 22. In Malawi, SFFRFM has issued a tender for the purchase of 45,000 tons of 23-10-5+6S+1Zn, as of July 30. This is the second tender of SFFRFM this year. In May , the company bid for 17,750 tons of compound fertilizers with different ratios, but it has not yet won the bid. This latest tender is based on a fertilizer subsidy program for the 2019-2020 planting season to ensure the safety of fertilizer supply. The main tender season in Africa usually begins in August and lasts until November/December.


In other bidding news, India did not receive any quotation in the 2.05 million tons of NPK 17-17-17 matching bidding on July 8. The company has now postponed the bid deadline to July 12.


At the same time, Ukraine's NPK 16-16-16 price continueS to rise, as Ukrainian buyers begin to accept new price levels, prices have risen by 300-350 rand / ton ($11-13/ ton) to 1280 - 1300 Rand / ton. This means that since the Russian fertilizer injunction came into effect on July 1, the price of NPK 16-16-16 in Ukraine has soared to a staggering 1400 rand / ton ($54 / ton).



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