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Compound fertilizer: more African tender projects announced

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This week, Africa is still receiving much attention, and two more tenders have been announced. In Mali, a consortium of CMDT, C-SCPC and OHVN has issued a tender for purchase, seeking 39,500 tons of 14-18 +6S+1B or 14-18-18+6S+1B+2.5CaO and 54,600 tons. 17-17-17. The bid will end on October 9.


In Côte d'Ivoire, Intercoton released its annual purchase tender at the close of October 11, and purchased 115,400 tons of 15-15-15+6S+1B. Prior to this, it was speculated that Intercoton might change to 14-18-18+6S+1B. Compared with last year, the volume of transactions between Mali and Côte d’Ivoire increased only slightly. There will be more bids from Benin, Togo, Chad and Ghana in the fourth quarter. 

Outside Africa, the market is relatively calm, with the exception of India, where there is still NPS/NPK demand to be met. After canceling the last tender, the NFL re-issued the tender for 30,000 tons of 20-20-0+13S. The bid will be closed on September 9. 



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