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Compound fertilizer: delay in bidding, procurement blocked

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The difference in price perception between buyers and sellers has hampered bidding in Asia, while African

 bidding continues to be postponed. For the second time, Ethiopia's EABC postponed the annual procurement 

tender, which required the delivery of nearly 3 million tons of various NPS products over the next three crop years. As EABC seeks greater control over the supply chain, the agency's first request for fob quotes may be one of the reasons. Tenders issued by the Mali buyer consortium of 139,500 tons of 14-18-18 + 6S + 1B or 14-18-18 + 6S + 1B + 2.5CaO and 54,600 tons 17-17-17 have also been tendered from October 9 Postponed until October 15.


Filipino importer La Filipina canceled the tender for 6,000 tons of 16-20-0 + S because the offer was higher than its target price. This reflects the situation of the Indian NFL, which re-tendered 20-20-0 + 13S for the second time. The quotation for the 30,000-ton grade of the last tender was $10/ton lower than the quoted price in the original tender, but the lowest offer was $10/ton higher than the target price of the NFL. 



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