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Compound fertilizer: Ukraine suppliers are biding

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Although most European countries still focus on festivals and harvests, Ukrainian importers are still busy negotiating agreements with new suppliers.


Turkey's 20-20-0+14S and 15-15-15 are negotiating with several suppliers. Greece's 20-20-0+S and Bulgaria's 20-20-0+13S are also under discussion. Morocco's 15-15-15 and Jordan's 10-26-26 are all quoted. But the deal is rarely reached, although there are reports that CTEX sold 20,000 tons of 16-16-16 and 19-20-0+12S (except Latvia) and shipped it in July or August. 16-16-16 sold at the Belarus/Ukraine border at a price of €330-340 Euro/ton


The price of 19-20-0+12S is about 10 euros/ton lower. The NP/NPS negotiations will need to end as soon as possible, as farmers will need products by the end of August.


At the same time, the first batch of Jordanian NPS cargo is expected to arrive in India in August. A total of 15,000 tons of 20-20-0+13S and 10,000 tons of 16-20-0+13S were shipped from Japan's Jordan Fertilizer Company to Agrifield, which sold the products to the GSFC. Elsewhere, the price of Morocco 15-15-15 has declined. According to reports, the latest offer for Turkey is FOB $260-270 / ton, while the price of entering other parts of Europe is FOB $270-275/ ton.



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