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Compound Fertilizer: Eastern Europe is Preparing for Autumn Fertilizer

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Eastern European dealers have begun to prepare their purchases from importers for fall. Romania is particularly active. Phosagro sold NPK 15-15-15 products to Romanian distributors at a taxable price of $325 / ton FCA , equivalent to about $275 / ton FOB Baltic, quantity unknown. At the same time, Latvian LV Agro has started selling its own NPKs and has completed sales of NPK 7-20-30 in Latvia, Poland and Lithuania. But Western Europe continues to wait for new season prices before it enters the market.


In the East, the Philippines has been the most active market. Southern Ferdinand obtained a tender from Atlas Fertilizers for 7,000 tons of NPK 16-20-0 on May 30th at a CIF price of $250/ ton. La Filipina purchased 6,000 tons of NPK 16-20-0 +7S from traders at a low price of $250/ ton CIF, while Universal Havester recently purchased three batches of NPK 14-14-14 tons of 6,000 tons from China at $272/ ton FOB.


Production news, Eurochem's MAP/NPS Belorechensk plant will be regularly maintained from 1 to 17 June. Elixir of Serbia completed a seven-day overhaul last week, and Rosier will do so this month.



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