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China's compound fertilizer export growth

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This week, China's compound fertilizer export market has been very active, selling 2 batches of 7,000 tons of 14-14-14 to the Philippines, with prices ranging from fob 240-250 USD/ton. It is reported that 20,000 tons of 20-20-0+13S are being shipped to India and shipped together with 40,000 tons of DAP. According to Argus data, this will be the first NPS sold by China to India since November 2019.

Africa continues to be affected by the epidemic. Kenyan producer MEA Fertilizer Company has postponed the start of its 100,000-ton/year steam granulation plant in Nakuru until September-October, the second delay in the forecast from March to April before the pandemic. One acre fund won the bid to purchase sulfur-based compound fertilizer and urea, and then distributed to farmers in Malawi. The fund only received quotations from suppliers who had inventory in Malawi to avoid import delays related to the outbreak.



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