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China becomes a net exporter of NPK

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China has always been a traditional net importer of NPK, and in March this year, China became a net exporter. China imported 105,141 tons of NPKs in March, but exported 130,047 tons.


China's NPK exports are expected to continue to grow, and with the end of the domestic spring sales season, Chinese producers may seek overseas business.


The timing of this move will be in line with the rising demand in Southeast Asia. Trade activities in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines have increased in the past few weeks, but the region's drought this year is expected to reduce overall consumption of NPK/NP/NPS.


India continues to buy, the NFL buys 30,000 tons of 20-20-0+13S tons of compound fertilizer from Aries at a low price of $300/ton cfr. The NFL may continue to purchase because it initially demanded about 50,000 tons. Fact also received a quotation from Switzerland, Singapore, to purchase 25,000 tons of 16-6-16 compound fertilizer.


At the same time, OCP will supply an additional 10-125,000 tons of NPS and NPS+B fertilizers to Ethiopia to extend its initial bid of 625,000 tons.



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