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China ammonium sulfate market

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The FOB prices of capro-grade ammonium sulfate provided by major producers are $ 91-93 /MT. However, it is said that the small and medium-sized batches of products in Southeast Asia are USD 84-89 / ton fob.


The domestic market is more attractive for compound fertilizer production, but export demand is still slow. Since the operating rate of the caprolactam plant has increased to 70-75% before the Lunar New Year, the capacity of ammonium sulfate will increase in the coming weeks.


A trader shipped a total of 66,000 tons of capro-grade ammonium sulfate to Lithuania in late December, which was purchased for $ 91-96 / ton FOB previously. There are about 32,000 tons in Qingdao and 34,000 tons in Fujian.


Depending on the quality, the FOB price of granular ammonium sulfate remains at $ 115-120 / MT.


The ex-factory price of steel grade ammonium sulfate rose by 20 yuan / ton to 450 yuan / ton, which isabout US $ 64 / ton ex-factory price.



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