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China Melamine latest price

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Market analysis

Today, the domestic melamine market is in a narrow range. The price of the factory has remained basically stable, and the price in Xinjiang has been slightly adjusted. In terms of price: the transaction price of melamine in Shandong is about 7,800 yuan / ton, some manufacturers in Sichuan are still parking and overhaul, the mainstream transaction price of Sichuan superior grade is stable at 7900 yuan / ton, and the mainstream transaction price of Henan superior grade is 7800. About RMB/ton, the mainstream transaction price of superior grade products in Xinjiang is around 7,600 yuan/ton. Installation: Sanhe, Meiqing, maintenance is not quoted, Shandong Luxi installation parking, Shandong Haotian is still unstable Nissan, is expected to resume normal production in mid-August. The parking and overhaul of the Sichuan Yulong installation is expected to start on the 10th. Recently, domestic melamine enterprises are still in a relatively stable state. Recently, some enterprises are in an overhaul state and downstream demand is still in a downturn, and production has declined. The raw material urea market has stabilized recently. Overall, the operating rate of the manufacturers is sluggish, the downstream demand is weak, and most manufacturers are facing sales pressure. There will be no significant fluctuations in the short-term melamine market



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