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Ammonium phosphate prices continue to weaken and market transactions slow down

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There are few transactions in the market this week, and prices are generally lower. To the east of Suez, the DAP price in China fell to 700 to 705 US dollars/ton FOB, and a supplier sold a batch of goods at 700 US dollars/ton FOB. However, domestic DAP prices in China pushed up. India's demand is limited. This week, only one shipment of American goods was shipped in December. The Indian CFR price fell to 740-745 USD/ton. Pakistan's import demand has stagnated, and suppliers have now reduced domestic retail prices to stimulate shipment.

 On the supply side, DAP transport in Saudi Arabia continues. According to Moroccan OCP, the business volume this week was the lowest. In the European market, the DAP price in North Africa has dropped to 800 USD/ton FOB or lower.

 In the west of Suez, the high-end price of MAP cfr in Brazil fell by 20 dollars/ton to 600-620 dollars/ton, but the transaction was limited. It seems that the import interest is still more concentrated on SSP products next year. As there will be more MAP goods from Russia in this quarter, and Mexico may resume shipping, the value of Nora is still under downward pressure.

 Prices are expected to continue to fall in the coming weeks as market activity declines. In India, DAP may have some procurement. In the case of market decline, the importer requires that the goods must arrive quickly to find willing buyers. The supplier is trying to ship the goods loaded in December. From the end of November to January next year, the price of ammonium phosphate is expected to be weak.




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