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  • Sep
    NPKs compete fiercely with Nitrogen

    In many markets, NP/NPS is in a leading position compared to NPKS, and weak nitrogen prices are limiting NPK growth in some regions. European farmers usually focus on nitrogen fertilizer in the fourth quarter, while the NPK market has almost ended. Ukraine and Romania have insufficient NPK demand, m

  • May
    International Compound Fertilizer Market

    This week's focus turned to Africa. Malawi tendered 45,000 tons of 23-10-5 + 6S + 1Z. The Senegalese government allocated 150,000 tons of fertilizer to some suppliers, half of which was NPK. To ensure adequate supply to all regions, the Senegalese government usually allocates a certain amount of NPK

  • Sep
    Compound fertilizer: more African tender projects announced

    This week, Africa is still receiving much attention, and two more tenders have been announced. In Mali, a consortium of CMDT, C-SCPC and OHVN has issued a tender for purchase, seeking 39,500 tons of 14-18 +6S+1B or 14-18-18+6S+1B+2.5CaO and 54,600 tons. 17-17-17. The bid will end on October 9.

  • Jul
    Compound fertilizer: Ukraine suppliers are biding

    Although most European countries still focus on festivals and harvests, Ukrainian importers are still busy negotiating agreements with new suppliers. Turkey's 20-20-0+14S and 15-15-15 are negotiating with several suppliers. Greece's 20-20-0+S and Bulgaria's 20-20-0+13S are also under discussion. Mor

  • May
    European NPK prices are expected to rise

    There was a bullish sentiment in the European market last week. Buyers in Eastern Europe generally expect prices for high-phosphorus and high-potassium products to rise as more autumn demand is expected in the coming weeks. And Russia, the main supplier in the region, is satisfied. Price checks have


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