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DAP price in china in 2020

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  • Sep
    The international ammonium phosphate market operates stably

    This week, procurement in the main demand market slowed down, and prices remained basically stable.India signed a new trade order, and Saudi Arabia's Ma'aden sold 45,000-50,000 tons of DAP at 360 USD/ton CFR. The CIF price in India is close to the FOB price in China, and some Chinese DAP companies i

  • Sep
    The international ammonium phosphate market is in steady operation

    The demand for DAP in Pakistan has increased and market activity has increased.China and Morocco will ship at least 130,000 tons of DAP, with prices ranging from US$360-370/ton CFR. Moroccan offered was lower than USD 360/ton CFR, but was no deal. The high-end price for the latest Pakistani orders h

  • Sep
    International demand for DAP is strong and prices continue to be firm

    The market price of DAP was firm this week, and the market demand was sufficient.Although China's FOB level has risen to US$345-350/ton FOB (up by US$5/ton), China has not recently sold DAP to India or Pakistan because buyers have imported DAP from other countries.Indian buyers bought Saudi Arabia a

  • Sep
    Supply is tight, DAP prices rise

    Driven by the demand from India and Pakistan, the price of DAP continued to rise by US$10/ton.In India, Saudi Arabian producer Ma'aden sold 35,000 tons of DAP at a price of US$350/ton CFR higher than US$340-345/ton CFR. The low-end price of the intention to sell this week is $350/ton, but still need

  • Sep
    The international DAP/MAP market is tight and prices is rising

    Prices of MAP and DAP continued to rise this week.The price of China’s DAP rose to US$332-335/ton FOB, from US$330/ton FOB last week. Thailand purchases DAP at a high price of US$340/ton CFR. India ordered of China’s DAP at a price as low as US$340/ton CFR, it likely as an early order. Two importers

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DAP price in china in 2020

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