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china supply of urea is tight, and the market acceptance is not high

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1. Today, the Chinese urea market is stable. The previous price reached a relatively low level, and the industry started low, so many merchants purchased in an appropriate amount. As a result, the market seemed to bottom out, with partial and slightly rebounded. However, observing the feed back from the upstream to the downstream, the current market's substantial demand is weak, the industrial demand is not high and the amount is limited. The agriculture is basically in a downturn, and in the short term, the exports are not in line, so although the spot is tight, The market acceptance is not high, and the price increase is still difficult, and the status will maintain in the short term.
2. Summary of downstream product market
The domestic compound fertilizer market is slightly stalemate, the prices is most stable, the new order is not much, some manufacturers are gradually shipping the previous orders. At present, the upstream urea is slightly stagnant, the phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer are stable at a high status, but the downstream dealers prefer to wait and see. The upstream and downstream are in the game. The market will stalemate in the short term.
3. Urea market outlook
Comprehensively, most manufacturers have tight stocks, pending orders, and will be strong in short-term quotations, thus the market will be slightly increased. But due to limited demand, prices are under pressure and will run at a small scale.



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