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U.S. & Brazil MAP prices rise

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MAP prices rose in US and Brazil this week, however DAP price in Pakistan and India remained flat.

Morocco OCP sold 40,000-50,000 tons of MAP to Brazil at CFR US$390-395/ton, it’s a record price. Last week, the latest small-batch price for MAP was CFR US$385/ton. However, US is the most price rising place. 3th-9th,Dec, the shortage of MAP drove prices from US$32/ton to US$430/ton FOB Nola, which is approximately US$468/ton CFR. However, it is impossible for exports from Russia and Morocco to the US in next few months, although net gains are expected again.

East of Suez, DAP prices remained stable. In Pakistan, one importer bought 30,000 tons of DAP from Saudi Arabia in US$370/ton CFR. There are no new orders in India, the price of DAP remains at around US$360/ton CFR. China's export prices are firm, and tight supply pushes the price to US$370-375/ton FOB.

The upward trend of barge prices in the US continues, trading companies having difficultly to find suppliers, especially MAP. To the east of the Suez Canal, Chinese companies focus on domestic and AU.



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