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The tender of diammonium phosphate in Bangladesh raises controversy

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The tender for 600,000 tons of diammonium phosphate which was purchased by Bangladesh private sector has ended this week. The lowest 20 offers are at US $ 309-315 / ton CFR, which surprised Chinese companies. In the past few weeks, Chinese companies have insisted on keeping their quotation at US $ 310 / ton FOB. The origin of the low price has not been officially announced, but market participants hope that non-Chinese companies (such as Tunisia) will stand out in the tender. A trading company won the bid for 45,000 tons of diammonium phosphate in Pupuk, Indonesia. The company quoted $ 310 / ton CFR. Purchasing in India is continuing.The United States, Jordan, and China are the major importers of Indian diammonium phosphate, with prices at US $ 310 / ton CFR.


The market activity in Brazil is still low, except that the June 15,000-ton monoammonium phosphate selling price was US $ 308 / ton CFR. The quotation is US $ 290 / ton CFR this week, but producers still maintain their offer at US $ 305 / ton CFR.



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