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Some European markets are preparing for spring

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Some European markets have begun consulting on the situation of spring fertilizer preparation.

The most active market is Romanian, where distributors have started purchasing spring fertilizer. The 15-15-15 and 20-20-0 + 9 CIF prices with Greek sources,which is in bulk in January at Constance are about $ 270 / ton and $ 245 / ton, while Russian products are sold at Constance has same specifications in bags. In addition, an inquiry of 20,000 tons NPKs that were transported to Constance by the beginning of next year indicates that as manufacturers look for new market opportunities, supply competition may intensify.


New of production, Turkey's Iskenderun Fertilizer Company has confirmed that its 300,000-ton / year compound fertilizer plant will begin trial production in January next year. In Africa, ICS / Indorama's DAP / NPK unit in Dakar has completed maintenance and now focuses exclusively on producing NPKs for the regional market. In Asia, Vietnam's PVCFC plans to start its 300,000 t / y NPK unit in Kam Chan Province next week.


The 300,000-ton / year NPK unit of PVCFC in Jinliao is expected to be put into use next week, and the product will be available in March 2020. In 2018, Vietnam has added more than 600,000 tons of NPK capacity per year. These latest plants will further reduce Vietnam's import demand.



The coming spring fertilizer use in Europe will support the price of compound fertilizers to a certain extent, and more transactions may be completed after the Christmas holiday. By early 2020, there will be more demand in some Asian markets, but demand for the Lunar New Year in early January may slow down. 



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