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Sep.13,2018 China Urea price

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The mainstream factory prices of urea in Shandong and Henan provinces were slightly raised, and the prices in Hebei were temporarily stable. The current mainstream price of urea in Shandong has risen to 1990-2020 yuan (ton price, the same below), the urea receiving price in Linyi area has been temporarily stabilized, and some enterprises have stopped production for three days. Some large manufacturers have raised their prices slightly by 10-20 yuan. Adequate quantity, enterprise sales temporarily no pressure, coupled with the temporary low-level operation of the company, the quotation can be stabilized at least in the short term; the mainstream factory price of urea in Hebei is temporarily stable at 1990-2010 yuan, the enterprise price is stable at a high level, the agricultural demand performance is general, industrial Although there is still demand in the market, there are more low-priced in the early stage, lower acceptance of high prices in the downstream, less transaction in new orders, and expectation of the main supply of enterprises; the mainstream price of urea in Henan rose to 1975-1990 yuan. Due to the fact that some enterprises have no spot available for sale in the short term, the quotation continues to rise, and the start of construction is slightly increased. The mainstream urea price in Shanxi has risen to around 1,960 yuan. Most of the large factories have been waiting for a lot of orders, and they have suspended orders, and the recent downstream market accepts The strength is low, and it is impossible to trade according to the quotation. Therefore, the current quotation has no practical significance. The start of the company is temporarily stable, and some large manufacturers have recently suspended the order. The price will continue to increase; the main factory price of urea in Anhui is temporarily stable at 2000-2050 yuan, the surrounding market demand is general, due to the rumors that the raw materials will be limited supply, the company has no plans to lower the price; the mainstream urea price in Shaanxi is temporarily stabilized. At around 1990 yuan, the outsourcing prices of individual large factories have been slightly raised, pending shipments are still acceptable, and there is no pressure on stocks; the mainstream urea price in Sichuan rose to 2040-2100 yuan, and the company started to cut slightly, although there is no sufficient time in the near future. Demand, but due to rumors of limited supply of natural gas, some companies began to reluctantly sell. In summary, the recent supply of the main business is expected to be issued, coupled with the limited supply of raw materials, it is expected that the urea offer should not decline in the short term.




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