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Saudi Arabia enters India's NPS market

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As India's demand for NPK and NPS continues to grow, Sabic has sold the first batch of 20-20-0+13 from Saudi Arabia to the Indian NFL at a CFR of US$260/ton.

NFL purchased 30,000 tons of 20-20-0+13 from Sabic for loading in early September, and 24,000 tons of Russian 20-20-0+13 through Ameropa at a price of approximately CFR 262 USD/ton. Both of these sources will be subject to 5% tariff in India.

IPL obtained 25,000 tons of Indonesian 20-20-0+13S from Agrifields, excluding tax, CFR price was US$271/ton.

Hindalco purchased 30,000 tons of Russian 10-26-26 through Ameropa at a price of CFR325 USD/ton, while Kribhco raised 10,000 tons directly from the manufacturer at the same price. The NFL also issued a 40,000-ton 10-26-26 procurement tender, which will be ended on August 30.

In Africa, Sofitex of Burkina Faso has issued a tender for fertilizer purchases for the 2021-22 crop year. Sofitex is seeking 79,000 tons of 14-18-18+6S+1B or 14-1818+5S+1B+2.5CaO and 30,000 tons of urea.



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