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NPK: all eyes focused on Ukraine

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Ukraine remains the main focus of the West as it is seeking an agreement to deliver NPS/NPKs in August or September before the fall. A trader sold 20,000 tons of Moroccan 15-15-15 at an unpaid tariff price of about $300/ton CIF, while the Gomel chemical plant in Belarus sold it at the $400/ton border. Out of 14,000 tons of 16-16-16 bales, sold 12,000 tons of 8-19-29 at a price of 420-430 US dollars / ton, ready to ship in August. 


Sales reports for Bulgaria, Turkey, Jordan and Norway. The Romanian 16-16-16 is also sold in the Ukrainian domestic market, while the import of Greek NPS/NPKs is still under discussion.


Other transactions this week included South Korea's Namhae selling 6,000 tons of 14-14-14 to La Filipina in the Philippines at CFR $300/ton, and to be shipped at the end of August, while a trader had a CFR of $415/ton. The price was sold to Algeria for 3,000 tons of Turkish 15-15-15, which will be shipped at the end of August.


In Africa, the One Acre Fund has awarded its bid for the acquisition of 500 tons of 23-10-5+6S+1Zn issued on July 12 to the trading company ETG. The winning bid price has not been disclosed. This product is for the Malawi market. At the same time, Malawi's SFFRFM has not yet awarded its bid for approximately 18,000 tons of NPKs purchased on May 17. As the market enters the main bidding season, more African NPK procurement tenders are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.



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