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International ammonium sulfate market

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International ammonium sulfate market


Baltic Sea / Black Sea

Supply in the Baltic region appears to remain tense, as Grodnofer, a local extrusion granule manufacturer from Grodno, will start its second extrusion granule plant next month, raising the demand for ammonium sulphate to 26,000 tons per month. Grodno Azot has a capacity of 400,000 tons/year and may supply additional ammonium sulphate, so the amount available for export will be reduced. According to reports, DMZ from Ukrainian will provide 800 tons of ammonium sulphate, and if it is a sea cargo, it may be shipped from Kherson Port in December. Steel producer ArcelorMittal is expected to increase the supply of ammonium sulphate in December.



China's caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate is priced at $143-146/tonne CFR excluding taxes, and Korean, $156-159/tonne duty-free plus credit. Toros purchased 21,000 tons of caprolactam gradeammonium sulfate and 14,000 tons of steel grade ammonium sulfate particles from Bestwin China. It is reported that Gubretas also purchased 50,000 tons of goods from Bestwin. Turkey’s buying interest is expected to increase gradually in the weeks leading up to the spring.



This week, 7,000 tons of ammonium sulphate cargo was loaded in northwestern Europe and will be shipped to Spain.


Northwestern Europe

The demand for compound fertilizer and ammonium sulphate producers continued this week, with standard grade ammonium sulphate FOB Antwerp quoted at €125-130/tonp, 2mm pellets at €170-175 euros/ton , and 3mm pellets at €205-  210/ton.



China's caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate has a wide range of offers this week. The FOB price of several producers in January was $119-122, citing supply shortages due to falling production. However, as demand in Brazil weakens, demand in Southeast Asia and Turkey remains low, with traders and buyers bidding at or below the FOB price of $115/ton, the actual FOB price is $116-118/ton. Under the influence of factors such as corporate losses and environmental protection, Chines

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International urea export price


Prilled urea: China's bulk FOB price is USD$306-$310/ ton, falls down USD$8/ ton; Yuri , FOB USD$295-298 / ton, falls down USD$2; Baltic, FOB USD$285 -290/ ton, falls down USD$3-5; Middle East, FOB USD$310-31/ ton, falls down USD$10; Brazil, CFR price USD$300-305/ ton, falls down USD$12-15;India, CIF price is USD$333.73-335.19/ton. 

Granular Urea price: Iranian, FOB price is USD$250-255/ton; Egypt, FOB price is USD$305-315 ton, falls down USD$1-5; Brazil, CFR price is USD$305-315/ ton, falls down USD$7-13n; Southeast Asia, CFR USD$330-335/ ton, falls down USD$9; US Gulf (p.s.t.barge) offshore price is USD$275 - 278 USD/ton, falls down by US$9-12/ton; China, offshore price is US$308-312/ton, falls down by US$4-6/ton.



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