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International ammonium phosphate market

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Market Summary: Prices in Brazil and the United States rise, prices in other regions are temporarily stable

To the west of Suez, the ammonium phosphate market developed upward. Brazil's monoammonium phosphate price rose to 325-330 US dollars / ton CFR, last week's price was 322-325 US dollars / ton CFR. Importers purchase monoammonium at a price of US$327/ton CFR and plan to ship it in September. US diammonium phosphate and monoammonium phosphate prices rose to 285-288 US dollars / short ton FOB Nola, rose 13 US dollars / short ton.

The price of Indian diammonium phosphate is 320 US dollars / ton CFR, the credit period is 180 days, or 318 US dollars / ton CFR spot price. Pakistan signed an order for diammonium phosphate with China, but the price has not been determined. An importer in Thailand bought 6,000 tons of diammonium phosphate at a price of US$320/ton CFR.

Starting in September, Brazil has tightened fertilizer use time, which will provide support for price increases. To the east of Suez, buyers from India and Pakistan continued to purchase, and domestic sales of DAP in June were strong.



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