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International TSP (triple super phosphate) market

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According to reports, a tender for the 275,000 tons of private sector TSP has been awarded. However, the final number of suppliers has yet to be confirmed.


If the quotation does not change, the producers include:


Morocco OCP: 10,000 tons


Morocco OCP or Lebanese Chemical: 100,000 tons


Lebanese Chemistry: 30,000 tons


Tunisia GCT: 60,000 tons


Egyptian producer: 75,000 tons




GCT has sold 3,000-5,000 tons of TSP to Turkey and sold the same amount of goods to France at a price of $310-316/tonne FOB. According to the BADC formula contract, a 25,000-ton cargo ship is scheduled to be loaded to Bangladesh at the end of this month, and the other two will be loaded in July.




Agropolychim's price of TSP in Devnya is €302-303 / ton FCA Jumbo bag, but suppliers will turn the goods to compound fertilizer manufacturers before this weekend.




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