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International TSP market

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GCT has sold 6000--7000 tons of TSP to France and Greece, and the FOB price in September was 310-315 US dollars / ton, which was the same as the sales price in August.


At the end of September/early October, the company has loaded 25,000 tons of TSP for BADC in Bangladesh. GCT will also load a 30,000-ton TSP ship for private buyers in Bangladesh in the second half of the month.




NCIC hopes to secure a $300/ton FOB price for the next TSP export from the new Ain Sokhna plant, which is higher than the FOB price of $275/ton for the first shipment. However, the company did not confirm when the next shipment could be loaded.


The new phosphate facility is 10 km from the Ain Sokhna port in Suez Bay and is expected to consist of two phosphate granulators with an annual capacity of 400,000 tons of diammonium phosphate/monoammonium phosphate and 225,000 tons of TSP.




LCC has not yet priced the TSP shipped in October. 



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