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International DAP/MAP prices are stable

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The international DAP/MAP prices were basically stable this week, but Pakistan prices were higher.

Morocco OCP sold 30,000 tons of MAP to Brazil at a price of US$370/ton CFR. It is said that the price is in the range of US$360-370/ton CFR. The company failed to increase the price until now. Argentina’s new orders are at the same level as the latest CFR price of DAP/MAP.  Russia's Phosagro confirmed to sell 15,000 tons of DAP to Mexico at a price of US$367/ton CFR.

Phosphate market prices in Europe are firm, with Ghent's price being around US$380/ton FCA.

There are no new spot sales in India. The price of Chinese DAP in Pakistan increased by US$1/ton to US$376/ton CFR.



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