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India's compound fertilizer bid attracts offers from Asia

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India’s bid is still pending. In fact, the defferred bid of 20-20-0+13S was closed today, and there was no quotation. The only one quotation submitted in bidding of was 10-26-26 for 90,000 tons.

The NFL attracted five companies in the recent NPS/NPK bidding and looked for three products: 50,000 tons of white 20-20-0+13S, 25,000 tons of black or brown 20-20-0+13 and 4 10,000 tons of 12-32-16, only black 20-20-0+13S has a competitive offer, white NPS and NPK only received a part of the offer.

Although India is the main buyer in the market now, the source of goods is not up to buyers target price. Russias offer is not sufficient, probably because of the increasing demand in domestic in Russia. In addition, the sources of NPK provided by traders are not so common, including 20-20-0+13S in the Philippines. The last time that Philippines shipped NPS to India is in 2010; 12-36-16 from South Korea was only shipped one time in August 2019.These sources are not like Russia, which imposes a 5% tariff on NPK/NPS. Morocco and China show that saving tariffs can meet the needs in terms of prices.



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