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India is still seeking 100,000 tons of NPS/NPK  

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India's demand has reappeared after a few weeks of downturn, and India's NFL has issued two tenders that are expected to be shipped before the end of September. The first bid required 50,000 tons of NPK 12-32-16, ending on August 19th. The second tender required 50,000 tons of NPK20-20-0+13s, which ended on August 21th. There are also reports that 30,000 tons of Russian NPK12-32-16 have been sold to an Indian importer. So far, India has imported about 350,000 tons of NPS/NPK in this fertilizer year, which means it needs 200,000 tons of products in the next three months.


In Ukraine, more sales have been completed. A trader has sold 5,000 tons of Turkish NPK 20-20-0+8S and shipped it at a low cost FOB of $300/ton in August. Another trader has sold 3,000 tons of Greek NPK20-20-0+8S, to be shipped in August, price is CFR 315-320 US dollars / ton, and 3,000 tons of Greece NPK15-15-15+6S, to be shipped in September, price is CFR 215 -330 USD / ton. Greek products are tax-free in Ukraine.


Elsewhere, a trader sold 4,500 tons of NPK 15-15-15 (SOP) at FOB $440/ton, packed in 25-kilogram bags, and is ready for shipment to Algeria at the end of August/early September.



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