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India, Brazil market is volatile, other markets are stable

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India's NPS/NPK imports reached an all-time high and sold 20,000 tons this week. India's Chamba procured 2w tons of Russian 12-32-16 at a price of $300 / t CFR, which makes the current total import volume of fertilizers reach 68.5174w tons. In comparison, imports were 651,500 tons last year, and imports were 537,700 tons in 2017-2018. But as demand is basically met, imports will now slow down and will end in March, with most of the demand being early spring crops. At the same time, Brazil is still continuing to buy, preparing for the beginning of next year. It is understood that Morocco sold 15-15-15 at $265/ton CFR. According to the latest indication, the price has dropped by US$5/ton. Despite the steady demand in Brazil, prices in Brazil and most other regions continue to erode due to weak global demand and weak raw material prices. 



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