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China ammonium sulfate market

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Due to low export and weak domestic market demand, the price of ammonium sulfate continue to decline in China. Chinese producers are quoting around US $ 94-96 / ton FOB, but it is reported prices as low as US $ 92-93 / ton FOB.


The operating rate of the caprolactam garde ammonium sulphate factory has fallen from 65% to 60% this week.


The price of granular ammonium sulphate with higher quality is 120-125 USD / ton FOB, and the price of lower quality is 115 USD / ton FOB.


This week, the ex-factory price of steel-grade ammonium sulfate dropped by 10 yuan / ton to 425 yuan / ton, which is equivalent to US $ 60.50 / ton ex-factory price.


China's ammonium sulfate exports rise in October


China exported 573,000 tons in October, and the year-to-date export volume reached 5.7 million tons, an increase of 5% over 2018.


Although Brazil's shipments to the main market slowed, the total amount was 176,000 tons,

compared with 258,000 tons in October 2018. But exports to Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Pakistan have seen compensatory growth.


The increase in exports to major markets in Southeast Asia in October was the Philippines.

67,000 tons in Malaysia (25,000 tons in 2018), 62,000 tons (53,000 tons) in Vietnam, 52,000 tons (41,000 tons) in Myanmar, 38,000 tons (16,000 tons) in Indonesia, and 1.3 in the Philippines Ten thousand tons (47 thousand tons). Turkey imports 50,000 tons (0 tons) and Pakistan 36,000 tons (9,000 tons). Exports to South Africa decreased slightly from the same period last year, to 20,000 tons (22,000 tons).


From January to October, exports increased by 5% year-on-year to 5.7 million tons. Until 2018, exports to Brazil have been increasing. By October, exports totaled 1.38 million tons, an

increase of 52%. Despite an increase last month, exports to most Southeast Asian markets have fallen sharply, with Indonesia exporting 865,000 tonnes from January to October (compared to 973,000 tonnes in 2018) and 551,000 tonnes (622.3 10,000 tons), Malaysia is 364,000 tons (354,000 tons), the Philippines is 286,000 tons (312,000 tons), and Myanmar is 295,000 tons (371,000 tons).


Exports to Turkey and Pakistan increased by 33% and 115% respectively, to 483,000 tons (362,000 tons) and 158,000 tons (74,000 tons). South Africa's exports fell by 3% to 133,000 tons (134,000 tons). 



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